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March 25: Psalms, Chapter 124

March 19, 2023 – John 16: I Have Many More Things to Say to You


Enjoy our new Audiobook!

Our Light Novel, Everland, is now an audiobook! The audiobook version of Everland was recorded by a professional voice actress. Whether you’re driving, gardening, or just relaxing, you can now enjoy the wonders of Everland as an .mp3!

Listen to our new light novel, Everland!

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Mary’s life is a train-wreck. She bounces
from one job to another…one man to another…
one tragedy to another. After an attempted suicide,
her life collides with a big-city psychiatrist who
thinks he has all the answers until he uncovers the
mystery of Mary’s childhood…a mystery that’s too
fantastic to believe.

Join Mary, George, Peter, and all the rest as you too discover
the wonders of Everland!

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