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May 25: Ecclesiastes, Chapter 8

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May 22, 2022


Enjoy our new Light Novel!

What is a Light Novel? Light novels are short, easy to read stories, often with a few illustrations. They originated in Japan and are quite popular there. Many Japanese language light novels have been translated into English. Their popularity is growing in the United States, thanks to Original English Light Novels (OELN), and around the world. Often catering to teens and young adults, light novels are a great way to absorb great stories quickly and easily.

Watch the trailer for our new light novel, Everland!

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Mary’s life is a train-wreck. She bounces
from one job to another…one man to another…
one tragedy to another. After an attempted suicide,
her life collides with a big-city psychiatrist who
thinks he has all the answers until he uncovers the
mystery of Mary’s childhood…a mystery that’s too
fantastic to believe.

Join Mary, George, Peter, and all the rest as you too discover
the wonders of Everland!

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May 16, 2022

Starbucks Abortions

How about a dead child with your latte?

As long as Christians continue to finance the companies who now directly pay for the murder of children, we have no right at all to complain about how evil the rest of the world is. If we’re not willing to be inconvenienced and trust God to provide what we need, then we will never be able to trust Him when really big trials come, as they do for Christians around the world.

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