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March 18, 2019

Jesus warned us that there would be tares (weeds) among the wheat (Matthew 13). America has turned into the land of tares, from sea to shining sea. If you are one of the deceived, repent…quickly…before it’s too late. If you are one of those sowing tares among the wheat or trying to lead God’s children astray, be on the lookout for reapers and millstones.

March 11, 2019

Sin is not trivial, despite what the devil and this world tell us. This is why we talk about the things we talk about on this podcast. Just like in the Garden of Eden, the devil wants people to think the consequences of sin are of no great consequence at all. Sadly, many die believing that lie only to discover the truth when it’s too late.

March 5, 2019

Whether it’s government control, gender confusion, undermining parental authority, or outright Christian persecution; the devil is putting all the pieces in place for demonic rule during the tribulation. But his victory will be short. The battles of today may belong to him but the victory in the war against evil belongs to our God and King, Jesus Christ! He has already defeated sin and our salvation is the spoil of His victory!

February 28, 2019

The iniquity of the Americans is not yet full…but it seems to be getting close.  The Trump administration, in cooperation with other nations, is working to change laws in other countries in order to legalize gay marriage and homosexuality.  The United States is doing the devil’s work by actively pushing an abomination into countries that have, until now, been resisting it. Who is on The Lord’s side?

Also, Election 2020, 2022, and 2024, and another fake hate crime.

February 21, 2019

We live in a culture that loves lies.  Is it any wonder that the children of the Father of Lies (satan) are so quick to tell and believe lies?  We can see in the lies of today the groundwork being laid for the lies of the Great Tribulation.

Also, the Imperial Presidency and the 2020 Election.

February 15, 2019

Vladimir Lenin said, “Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.” 

The open Communism now being promoted by American Marxists in positions of power is a direct threat to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The boldness with which they promote their anti-God philosophy and blatant power-grab should alert Christians to the struggles ahead.  These are not battles against environmentalists or politicians but rather, against the prince of the power of the air.

February 10, 2019

Attacks on Christians in America have become institutionalized.  There is a litmus test for holders of public office: will you denounce Biblical truths?  As Biblical Christians become more and more marginalized we must stand firm in our testimony for Christ.

February 6, 2019

The devil has conditioned people in our culture to avoid offending anyone even if it means siding with man against God.  False christians are ashamed of God’s Word and would rather please sinful men than the God who judges their eternity.  Pray for the strength to endure.

January 30, 2019

More and more ‘Christians’ are showing their love for the world rather than their love for Christ.  As our culture presses against Christianity, those who profess to be Christians but are really lovers of the world will deny even the Master who bought them.

January 26, 2019

The Covington Catholic High School incident is about much more than race and media. It is about the use of propaganda to attack those deemed unacceptable. The groundwork has already been laid for propaganda to be used to silence Christians and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

January 19, 2019

Soli Deo Gloria! Glory to God Alone!

We’re often anxious about the trials of life, big and small. But our God is a great and loving God who is always doing what is best for us. He is trustworthy. His plans are always good and we can trust Him. Be anxious for nothing.

January 12, 2019

Recent surveys asked young people what they wanted to be when they grow up. The number one answer was, “Famous!”. We live in a culture that celebrates celebrity and fame for fame’s sake. We’ll discuss how the devil uses fame and pride to keep people from the Good News of Jesus Christ.

January 8, 2019

Barna published research recently showing that 21% of Generation Z are either atheist or agnostic. Only 59% identify as Christian. What has happened? Have clever contemporary approaches to evangelism and Gospel literacy failed another generation?

January 5, 2019

Well, it’s been two month since the last election; let’s have another one! Yes, the 2020 Presidential campaign is already underway. Let’s see how this all fits into end-times prophecy.

January 1, 2019

Starting in the Fall of 2019, transgender men will be admitted to Stephens College, and all-women’s school. Also, drag kids…yes, I’m afraid you heard that right.

The enemy and the world are denying God’s created order and, therefore, God as Creator.