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Sunday Sermons

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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Listen to the most recent sermon: March 19, 2023 – John 16: I Have Many More Things to Say to You


March 2023
19th: John 16: I Have Many More Things to Say to You
12th: John 16: It is to Your Advantage that I am Leaving
05th: John 16: Listen to Jesus

February 2023
35th: Technical difficulties.
19th: John 15: No Greater Love
12th: John 15: I AM the Vine, You are the Branches
05th: John 15: I AM the True Vine

January 2023
29th: John 14: Not as the World Gives
22nd: John 14: Never Abandoned
15th: John 14: The Holy Spirit Changes Everything
08th: John 14: Greater Things
01st: John 14: Whoever Has Seen Me, Has Seen The Father

December 2022
11th: John 14: Comforting Disciples
04th: John 13: Confronting Disciples

November 2022
27th: John 13: Washing Disciples
20th: John 13: Less of Me, More of You
13th: John 12: His Commandment is Eternal Life
06th: John 12: Unbelief

October 2022
30th: John 12: This Hour
23rd: John 12: The Triumphal Entry
16th: John 12: Mary’s Gift
09th: John 11: That One Man Die for the People
02nd: John 11: Here, Outside!

September 2022
25th: John 10: In Good Hands
18th: 2 Timothy 2: Doug’s Trip to STTII
11th: Patrick Nurre: Keeping My Focus
04th: Dave Lunsford: He Must Increase

August 2022
28th: John 10: The Good Shepherd, Pt. 2
21st: John 10: The Good Shepherd, Pt. 1
14th: John 9: We Must Work the Works
07th: John 8: I AM

July 2022
17th: John 8: I Am the Light of the World
10th: John 8: Wanted
03rd: John 7: None Like Jesus

June 2022
26th: John 7: Judge with Righteous Judgement
19th: John 7: A Divinely Inspired Timetable
12th: John 6: Nowhere Else to Go
05th: John 6: Offensive Words

May 2022
29th: John 6: Comforting Words
22nd: John 6: More than Loaves and Fish
15th: John 5: Part Five
08th: John 5: Part Four
01st: John 5: Part Three

April 2022
24th: John 5: A Fresh Start
17th: Resurrection Sunday: It’s Time for a Fresh Start
10th: John 4: Go, Your Son Will Live
03rd: John 4: That You May Believe

March 2022
27th: John 3: He Must Increase but I Must Decrease
20th: John 3: The One Who Practices the Truth
13th: John 3: So Must the Son of Man be Lifted Up
06th: John 3: You Must Be Reborn

February 2022
27th: Pastor Johnston: Trip to Romania
20th: Patrick Nurre: The Dark Side of Microbes
06th: John 2: Turning the Tables

January 2022
30th: John 2: Do Whatever He Tells You
23rd: John 1: What Are You Seeking
16th: John 1: A Voice
09th: John 1: The Fullness of Grace
02nd: John 1: And The Word Became Flesh

December 2021
26th: John 1: The Gift of Christmas Light
19th: Luke 2: Two Births
12th: John 1: A Witness
05th: John 1: Life and Light

November 2021
28st: John 1: The Word was God

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