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Illustrated Dialog Novels

Dialog novels are books that are almost exclusively dialog.  The narrative, that usually describes places and feelings, is kept to a minimum.  The dialog is often infused with description to replace the lost narrative.  While this can be effective, it can also create 'clumsy' dialog.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we've added images to our dialog novels in order to communicate those things typically done with narrative.  This results in more natural dialog as well and nice pictures.  We've also included side-images for the dialog itself.

Dry Places

[WARNING: Because this story deals with the real world, issues such as greed, lust,  intoxication, and death are discussed.  Parents, please make sure your children are old enough to handle these subjects.  We will never use profanity, graphic violence or imagery, or take God's name in vain in any of our stories.]

The Land of Darkness and Light

[WARNING: Because this story deals with the sinful nature of people, there are references to intoxication, homosexuality, fornication, and materialism.  There are also images of death.  Parents, please consider the appropriateness of these subjects for your children. 

We avoid any graphic references but feel the need to address these subjects because young children are encountering these subjects in the world around them, including in school.  We do not want the world's viewpoint to be the only one they hear.]