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Paul Washer – Shocking Youth Message

We produced CDs a number of years ago with this message. It is quite an indictment of American “christianity” (small “c”). It is also quite a testimony to the way evangelism has been done in other parts of the world and, indeed, had been done for the first 1900 years of Christianity. This is especially true when witnessing to young people.

We don’t need Jesus to be “cool” or to make us successful or help us reach our goals. We need Jesus because we’ve all sinned against a holy and perfect God that demands justice. God is also loving and provides a way of escape from the just punishment for our sins. God because a man, Jesus Christ, and took the punishment we deserve in order to buy our salvation.

Hell is what we all deserve. Heaven is made available by repentance and a true faith in Jesus. True faith is evidenced by regeneration – a changed life turned away from willful sin. Your profession is true if your behavior is true to God’s call for holiness – if the old things are passed away and all things have become new.