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Comic Books and Graphic Novels

We are now creating digital comic books and graphic novels.

We are producing digital comic books and graphic novels with a bit of a twist.  Typically, digital comic books are printed comic books digitized into an electronic format, usually .pdf, .epub, or .cbz files.  Unfortunately, many comic book producers create for print first, in which reducing the number of pages is vital in order to keep printing costs low.  

The effect on the digital version, however, is that the reader must pinch-to-zoom in order to read the text in each panel.  This is particularly true on phones and tablets.  They then need to move the page around in order to get to the next panel.  This can obviously become tedious after a while.  In addition, it detracts from the artwork.  One can see a full page on the screen but must re-size the page in order to view the artwork in a single panel.

Companies have tried to address this problem by creating comic book readers that zoom in on panels automatically and then try, as best they can, to figure out which panel should be read next.  One taps the screen or clicks a mouse to get the reader to move to the next panel.  Unfortunately, this doesn't always work smoothly.  Even when it does, because of the different panel shapes, a lot of screen real estate is lost.

We have chosen to produce all of our artwork as 1280 x 720 images.  Our "panels" are actually full-screen images!  You simply tap, swipe, or click (depending on your reader) in order to move to the next image.  No zooming.  No re-sizing.  No lost real estate.  Just full-screen images and big text so that you can enjoy the story and the artwork!  Built for digital!

We are also putting the comics in images sliders embedded into a webpage.  This allows people on smaller devices with limited storage to read the comic without downloading!  They take a little while to load, but be patient, they're worth it!  :D



Graphic Novels

The Days of Noah

[WARNING:  Because this story deals with the sinful nature of people, there are references to drugs, lust, fornication, and murder.  There are also images of intoxication and a death.  Parents, please consider the appropriateness of these subjects for your children.]



Classic Comics

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