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Repent and Believe The Gospel

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July 29: Proverbs, Chapter 30

Sunday Sermons

July 24, 2016, Psalm 145: Every Day I Will Bless You

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Just because people don't like God, His rules, or His justice, doesn't mean they go away.  God exists and His justice exists whether people acknowledge them or not.

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Download the Classic Comic:  "Saying Sorry"


If you tell God you're sorry for your sins but continue chasing after them; it may be hard to trust your sincerity.  God knows men's hearts.  

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Without Natural Affection

Margaret Sanger, an unrepentant racist and eugenicist, would be pleased with recent Supreme Court decisions ensuring the American Genocide will continue unabated.  The organization she founded, Planned Parenthood, operates 78% of it's clinics in minority neighborhoods.  Margaret Sanger's crusade, to reduce the population of people she and her supporters deemed inferior, continues in America today with financial support from both major political parties (December 2015 Congressional spending bill).

The deeper motivation is clear.  The devil wants people dead.  Christ died and rose again to save people so, naturally, the devil will seek to destroy those that Christ lived to save.

To those who support and celebrate the sacrificing of children to the god of pride, narcissism, and convenience; please heed the words of Jesus, "Repent and believe the Gospel".  God is merciful and patient but He is also a holy God of justice.  His justice will not sleep forever.  Those who do not wish to benefit from God's mercy will be crushed by His wrath.  (The Bible, book of Nahum, for one of many references.)

"For the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgement proceedeth."  Habakkuk 1:4b