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Repent and Believe The Gospel

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February 23: Deuteronomy, Chapter 17

Sunday Sermons

February 18 2018; Luke: Know Jesus Wants Open Souls

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Now on Google Play: The Days of Noah (Graphic Novel)

A fan favorite, The Days of Noah, is now available on Google Play in the Books section! Google Play provides and easy way to get our classic graphic novel onto your mobile device. It can be read with the Google Play Books app!



And, of course, you can download from the Digital Reading Materials section under the Multimedia menu!

[WARNING: Because this story deals with the sinful nature of people, there are references to intoxication, homosexuality, fornication, and materialism. There are also images of death. Parents, please consider the appropriateness of these subjects for your children.

We avoid any graphic references but feel the need to address these subjects because young children are encountering these subjects in the world around them, including in school. We do not want the world’s viewpoint to be the only one they hear.]