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Sunday Sermons

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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Listen to the most recent sermon: October 15, 2017 – Luke: Know Jesus Wants Us To Fear God


October 2017

15th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants Us To Fear God
08th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants Us To Love God
01st: Luke: Know Jesus Sees Our Heart

September 2017

24th: Luke: Know Jesus Honors Listening
17th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants Persistent Prayer
10th: Luke: Know Jesus Prays
03rd: Luke: Know Jesus Knows What Is Needed

August 2017

27th: Luke: Know Jesus Expects Compassion
20th: Luke: Know Jesus Means Business
13th: Luke: Know Jesus Knows Us Better Than We Know Ourselves
06th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants Our Souls Now

July 2017

30th: Scott RItter: At the Feet of Jesus
23rd: Luke: Know Jesus Values Humble Service
16th: Dr. Tom Hoyle: The Lord’s Mysterious Ways With The USA
09th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants Disciples
02nd: Luke: Know Jesus Is The Christ

June 2017

25th: Luke: Know Jesus Sends Who He Calls
18th: Luke: Know Jesus Wants To Come To Us
11th: Luke: Know Jesus Expects Our Testimonies
04th: Luke: Know Jesus Should Amaze Us

May 2017

28th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Closest Friends
21st: Luke: Know Jesus Sees Our Hearts
14th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Words
07th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Normal Day

April 2017

30th: Luke: Know Jesus Forgives
23rd: Luke: Know Jesus Cares For His Own
16th: Luke: Easter Sunday – Know Jesus Resurrected
09th: Luke: Know Jesus Shows God Cares
02nd: Luke: Know Jesus Appreciates Humility

March 2017

26th: Luke: Know Jesus Expects Us To Live With His Light
19th: Luke: Know Jesus Hates Our Evil
12th: Luke: Know Jesus’ New Words
05th: Romania Update – Sorry, no sermon this week. :-/

February 2017

26th: Sorry, no sermon this week. :-/
19th: Guest Speaker, Patrick Nurre: High Standards – The Christian Way of Life
12th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Four-Fold Curse
05th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Four-Fold Blessing

January 2017

29th: Luke: Know Jesus Came To Do Good
22th: Luke: Know Jesus Is Lord Of All
15th: Luke: Know Jesus Changes Everything
08th: Luke: Know Jesus Came to Glorify God
01st: Luke: Know Jesus’ Call

December 2016

25th: Christmas Day: A Disgraceful Christmas
24th: Christmas Eve: Darkness and Light
18th: Church Family Christmas – No Sermon Today
11th: Luke: Know Jesus’ Good Works
04th: Luke: Know Jesus Knows His Purpose

November 2016

27th: Luke: Know Jesus Appears
20th: Luke: Know Conversion’s Signs
13th: Luke: Know God’s Voice
06th: Luke: Know The Voice

October 2016
30th: Luke: Know Their Surprise
23rd: Sorry, no sermon this week. Technical difficulties. 🙁
16th: Luke: Know Christ’s Birth
09th: John15:5: Have You Been Saved Too Long?
02nd: Luke: Know Zechariah’s Prophecy

September 2016
25th: Luke: Know Mary’s Mind
18th: Luke: Know The First Steps
11th: Luke: Know The Certainty
04th: 1 Corinthians 1: Why Don’t You Understand?

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