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Sunday Sermons – Revelation (2019)

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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August 2019
25th: Revelation 22: God’s Last Invitation
18th: Revelation 22: Christ’s Last Message
11th: Revelation 22: The Water of Life
04th: Revelation 21: Heaven’s City

July 2019
28th: Revelation 21: The New Heaven and Earth Appear
21st: Revelation 20: The Days of the King
14th: Revelation 19: The Return
07th: Revelation 19: Praise and Joy

June 2019
30th: Revelation 18: For In One Hour Your Judgement Has Come
16th: Revelation 17: Coming Out
09th: Revelation 17: God and Nothing Else
02nd: Revelation 16: Done

May 2019

26th: Technical difficulties. Sorry. 🙁
19th: Revelation 14: Eternal Life
12th: Revelation 13: The Liar
05th: Revelation 13: A Different Revelation

April 2019

28th: Revelation 12: Setting the Stage for War
14th: Revelation 11: The Work of the Witnesses
07th: Revelation 10: You Must Prophesy Again

March 2019

31st: Revelation 8 & 9: Awe and Repentance
24th: Revelation 7: The Difference Makers
17th: Revelation 6: When the Lamb Opened the Seals
10th: Revelation 4 & 5: He Alone Is Worthy

February 2019

10th: Revelation, Chapter 3: Neglecting Your Soul
03rd: Revelation, Chapter 3: They Were Loved

January 2019

27th: Revelation, Chapter 3: The Sign of Life
13th: Revelation, Chapter 2: Too Much
06th: Revelation, Chapter 2: No Complaints

December 2018

30th: Revelation, Chapter 2: Just Living Together
09th: Revelation, Chapter 1: Seeing The Christ
02nd: Revelation, Chapter 1: Safe in God’s Hands

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