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Sunday Sermons – Psalms

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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August 2016
28th: Psalm 150: Opened By Joy
21st: Psalm 149: A New Song
14th: Psalm 148: The First Praise Chorus
07th: Psalm 146: Praise The Lord, Oh My Soul

July 2016
24th: Psalm 145: Every Day I Will Bless You
10th: Psalm 143: For To Thee Do I Lift Up My Soul
03rd: Psalm 141: Trying Harder to Grow Up

June 2016
26th: Psalm 139: Known And Still Loved
19th: Psalm 138: I Will Praise Thee With My Whole Heart
12th: Psalm 136: For He Is Good
05th: Psalm 134: Prayers With Friends

May 2016
29nd: Psalm 131: Child Knows Best
22nd: Psalm 130: The Enigmas of Faith and Prayer
15th: Psalm 125: Trust and Peace
08th: Psalm 121: Expecting Help
01st: Psalm 119: Protect Me

April 2016
24th: Psalm 119: Through The Night
17th: Psalm 119: Responding with Faith and Patience
10th: Psalm 119: Fighting God
03rd: Psalm 119: Loving Scripture

March 2016
27th: Easter Sunday – Psalm 118: Hosanna
20th: Psalm 110: The Return of The King
13th: Psalm 102: In The Middle
06th: Psalm 100: Shout, Shout, Let It All Out

February 2016
21st: Psalm 95: Is The Lord With Us Or Not
14th: Psalm 91: Deliver and Honor
07th: Psalm 90: My Friend

January 2016
31st: Psalm 89: Dedication
24th: Psalm 86: Poor and Needy
17th: Psalm 85: What Is Good
10th: Psalm 82: First Things
03rd: Psalm 81: Asaph’s Call to Worship Again

December 2015
27th: Psalm 78: Asaph’s Christmas Carol
20th: Church Family Christmas (No Sermon)
06th: Psalm 77: I Will Remember The Works Of The Lord

November 2015
29th: Psalm 72: The King
22nd: Psalm 69: The First Thanksgiving
15th: Psalm 65: Answering Our Prayer
08th: Psalm 62: About God
01st: Psalm 61: Hear My Cry

October 2015
25th: Psalm 56: Fear
18th: Psalm 51: Have Mercy
11th: Psalm 50: You Shall Glorify Me
04th: Psalm 50: Our God Shall Come, And Shall Not Keep Silent

September 2015
27th: Psalm 46: God Is Our Refuge
20th: Psalm 45: A Happy King
13th: Psalm 42: The Help of My God
06th: Psalm 42: Hope In God

August 2015
30th: Psalm 40: I Waited Patiently For The Lord
23rd: Psalm 38: Your Anger
16th: Psalm 37: The Scream
09th: Psalm 34: At All Times
02nd: Psalm 32: Surrounded By Mercy

July 2015
19th: Psalm 30: By Your Favor
12th: Psalm 25: Remember Me
05th: Psalm 23: Restoring My Soul

June 2015
28th: Psalm 19: Glory and Grace
21st: Psalm 18: My Deliverer
14th: Psalm 22: Forsaken
07th: Psalm 15: Who?

May 2015
31st: Psalm 13: How Long
24th: Psalm 9: I Will Tell Of All Your Marvelous Works
17th: Psalm 3: I Can’t Believe What’s Happening To Me
10th: Psalm 2: Be Instructed
03rd: Psalm 1: I Want To Be Like You