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Sunday Sermons – Philippians

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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May 2012
27th: Philippians: A Treasured Legacy
20th: Philippians: How To Tell A Winner From A Loser
13th: Philippians: Friction
06th: Philippians: Our Best Day

April 2012
29nd: Philippians: The Most Universal Addiction
22nd: Philippians: Making Peace
01st: Philippians: Far From Perfect

March 2012
25th: Philippians: Measuring Up
18th: Philippians: Who Loves You?
11th: Philippians: Advice To Cynical Christians

February 2012
12th: Philippians: Acceptance
05th: Philippians: Words We Love To Hear

January 2012
29th: Philippians: I’m Tired
22nd: Philippians: Following Footsteps
15th: Philippians: The Circle
08th: Philippians: From Me To You
01st: Philippians: What Should People Remember About Jesus

December 2011
25th: Philippians 2: No Need For Superman