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Sunday Sermons – Mark (2019)

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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March 2021
14th: Mark 16: Risen
07th: Mark 15: The Battle is Won

February 2021
28th: Mark 15: Six Hours
21st: Mark 15: The Mock Coronation
07th: Mark 15: Are You the King of the Jews?

January 2021
31st: Mark 14: Thinking About It
24th: Mark 14: Anguish
17th: Mark 14: We Do Not Know Ourselves
10th: Mark 14: The Blood
03rd: Mark 14: A Trade

November 2020
29th: Mark 14: She has Anointed My Body Beforehand for the Burial
15th: Mark 13: Be on the Alert
01st: Mark 12: The Widow’s Might

August 2020
30th: Mark 12: In What Sense
23rd: Mark 12: Surprised By Truth
16th: Mark 12: Knowing Your Bible Isn’t Enough
09th: Mark 12: An Interview on a Rival Network
02nd: Mark 12: The Plan

July 2020
19th: Mark 11: CHAZ and the Temple
12th: Mark 11: A House of Prayer
05th: Mark 11: In the Name of The Lord

June 2020
28th: Mark 10: He Is Calling For You
21st: Mark 10: Instead Of
14th: Mark 10: Easier for a Camel
07th: Mark 10: Childlike

May 2020
31st: Mark 10: Truth, Grace, and Mercy
24th: Mark 9: Everlasting
17th: Mark 9: His Reward
10th: Mark 9: Deadly Silence
03rd: Mark 9: And They Will Kill Him

April 2020
26th: Mark 9: God Help Us
19th: Mark 9: The Transfiguration
05th: Mark 8: He Began to Teach Them

March 2020
29nd: Mark 8: Who Do You Say I Am
22nd: Mark 8: Men As Trees Walking (technical difficulties)
08th: Mark 8: A Hardened Heart
01st: Mark 8: Three Scenes With A Crowd

February 2020
23rd: Mark 7: The Children’s Crumbs
16th: Mark 7: Our Hearts
09th: Mark 6: Take Courage
02nd: Mark 6: He Had Compassion On Them

January 2020
26th: Mark 6: People Should Repent
19th: Mark 6: Unbelief
12th: Mark 5: Two Faith Stories
05th: Mark 5: What Had Happened

December 2019
29th: Mark 4: Awestruck
08th: Mark 4: Hidden
01st: Mark 4: Familiar

November 2019
24th: Mark 3: Who Are These People?
17th: Mark 3: The Only Way It Could Happen
10th: Mark 3: Doing Good
03rd: Mark 2: Lord of All

October 2019
27th: Mark 2: Follow Me
06th: Mark 2: They Were Coming to Him

September 2019
29th: Mark 1: They Were Coming to Him
22nd: Mark 1: Immediately Many
15th: Mark 1: Time for the Beginning
08th: Mark 1: God Knows
01st: Mark 1: The ‘Go’ Gospel

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