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Sunday Sermons – Ecclesiastes (2021)

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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November 2021
21st: Ecclesiastes 12: The Conclusion
14th: No broadcast message.
07th: Ecclesiastes 12: Remember Your Creator

October 2021
31th: Ecclesiastes 11: Young at Heart
24th: Ecclesiastes 11: What to do with an Uncertain Future
17th: Ecclesiastes 10: Being Foolish with a Fool
10th: Ecclesiastes 10: You Only Have Today; Make It Count
03rd: Ecclesiastes 10: Look at Me; I’m a Fool

September 2021
26th: Ecclesiastes 9: The Best You Can
19th: Ecclesiastes 9: Simple Pleasures
12th: Ecclesiastes 8: God and Injustice
05th: Ecclesiastes 8: Acting as Leaders

August 2021
29th: Ecclesiastes 7: Signs of Real Wisdom
22nd: Ecclesiastes 7: Counsel for Crisis Times
15th: Ecclesiastes 6: Trivial Pursuit
08th: Ecclesiastes 5: God’s Gift

July 2021
04th: Ecclesiastes 5: One who Loves Money will not be Satisfied with Money

June 2021
27th: Ecclesiastes 5: Teach Us to Worship
20th: Ecclesiastes 4: One Will Lift Up His Companion
13th: Ecclesiastes 3: Hope Amid Sorrow
06th: Ecclesiastes 3: Everything Beautiful

May 2021
30th: Ecclesiastes 3: Seasons
23th: Ecclesiastes 2: Confused in Life, Confident in God
16th: Ecclesiastes 2: An Uncertain Now, A Certain Then
09th: Ecclesiastes 2: Mother Told Me
02nd: Ecclesiastes 1: Living in Disobedience

April 2021
25th: Ecclesiastes 1: Meaning
18th: No Sermon – Technical Difficulties :/
11th: Ecclesiastes 1: Striving After Wind