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Ghost Town

Like No Place On Earth

From the middle of nowhere to the middle of a nightmare. After a tragic accident, Sam finds himself in a horrifying town filled with pain, sadness, and hopeless despair. Will he find his way out or will he be trapped in this town of terror forever?

Each page is a full 1920 x 1080 image so there is no pinch-to-zoom or auto-panel-guiding required!

We have provided this comic book in .pdf, and .epub formats so that you can enjoy it with your favorite reader!  You can also enjoy this novel online (below).  This may be useful on mobile devices with limited storage space.

WARNING:  Because this story deals with the sinful nature of people, there are references to fornication, suicide, and death.  Parents, please consider the appropriateness of these subjects for your children.

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Ghost Town

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