The Basics

Repent and Believe The Gospel

Daily Bible Reading

May 30: Psalms, Chapter 144

Sunday Sermons

May 22, 2016, Psalm 130: The Enigmas of Faith and Prayer

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Graphic Novels, Videos, Audio Dramas, Illustrated Films

Episode 27 - Grace Through Tragedy!

City of Destruction:  Episode 27


After settling into The Wilderness, God gives our group many chances to witness for Him!

God uses loss to bring opportunity to others.

New releases every-other Thursday (God willing)!  :D

New Comic Available!

Bad News

One of our illustrated videos is now a comic!

Don't wait until it's too late!

You can read the graphic novel online or download it as a .cbz, .pdf, or .epub file!  Just click on the image to the right or visit our Multimedia page via the menu above.