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What is an Illustrated Dialog Novel?!

The Land of Darkness and Light

Dialog novels are books that are almost exclusively dialog. The narrative, that usually describes places and feelings, is kept to a minimum. The dialog is often infused with description to replace the lost narrative. While this can be effective, it can also create ‘clumsy’ dialog.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve added images to our dialog novels in order to communicate those things typically done with narrative. This results in more natural dialog as well and nice pictures. We’ve also included side-images for the dialog itself.

Illustrated Dialog Novel Page

Our illustrated dialog novels are in .pdf format and can be view with any standard pdf viewer and in most modern browsers. The .pdf file is formatted for single-page viewing but, of course, one can use a scroll-view if they’d like.

Even though The Land of Darkness and Light is already in illustrated film format, sometimes it’s nice to just read. This allows one to take the time to reflect without having the story move along too quickly.

We hope you enjoy this new format. God willing, we’ll try to produce more of these in the future.

The Land of Darkness and Light Illustrated Dialog Novel Page

(You can also access this illustrated dialong novel through our Digital Reading Materials page.)


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