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It has become clear that public schools are no longer safe for Christians. They are, in fact, no longer safe for anyone. Because of the demonic indoctrination going on daily, the souls of children are in immortal danger.

When the demonic forces of atheism or false gods, promiscuity, moral relativism, and sexual depravity are portrayed as good, even to children as young as five and six, the fact that the public schools are demonically driven, with the goal of the damnation souls, can hardly be questioned.

Take the case of the kindergarten class in California that was subjected to one manipulated child’s “transition ceremony”. First of all, the notion that a kindergarten-aged boy could decide on his own, without the prodding of attention-seeking adults, that he is now a girl, strains credibility. Children are never too young to be targeted by the devil.

So, what are Christians to do about this situation? Not everyone can afford to put their child into a Christian school. Not everyone can afford to home-school. This is where the local churches need to step up and focus their efforts on the children in their own congregations.

Many churches are involved in charitable causes: feeding the poor, helping the homeless, raising money for worthy causes. Others are involved in ‘social gospel’ efforts that primarily serve to make the those churches more acceptable to an unsaved world. The consequences, of churches focusing on causes that the world deems important, is that it isn’t long before those churches are expected to compromise in order to please the unsaved world who’s favor they’re seeking.

Rather than seeking the world’s favor, rather than using charitable efforts as a means to attract more people to a local church, rather, even, than looking to do legitimate charity work for the unsaved world; how about we focus on edifying the saved and giving the children of our churches the opportunity to hear the truth of the Gospel before it’s drown out by the indoctrination of the world?

So, what can local churches do? Here we go:

1. Start a school. For those churches with the space and the funds; educate your own children. If this requires more giving or the redirection of existing funds, then so be it. Is there anything your local church is doing that would be more important than keeping the demonic perversion of the public schools out of the heads of their own children for as long as possible? The sheer volume and pervasiveness of sinful ideology in the public schools gives a distorted view of what is ‘normal’ and ‘good’.

2. If your church cannot start its own school because of space limitations or finances, then start a scholarship fund in the church to pay for the children to attend an already-established Christian school. Members can even ‘sponsor a child’ and help those families who cannot afford to send their children to these Christian school on their own.

3. Help those families that would like to home-school. For many households, the need for two incomes is simply the economic reality that they live with. The gutting of the middle-class has been happening for a while now. As a result, the public schools, the media, and the culture have been raising our children. The results are plain to see. Just look at the percentage of children (80%), raised in churches, that stop attending once they turn 18 or go off to college. They renounce their faith…a faith that was not real to begin with…because the world has armed them with reasons to look at God and His statutes with ridicule. They have been sufficiently brainwashed. The church should, again, start a fund to help support families that wish to home school by providing grants. These grants would help purchase home-school materials and, yes, even help supplement the incomes of these families.

4. Church members should be willing to sacrifice. Those needing financial assistance for themselves or their children should not, at the same time, live a material life replete with housing that is more than they need, clothes and amusements that the world finds fashionable, or cars that are used more for status and fun than for transportation. The church members who provide the funds should likewise be willing to alter their standard of living. We read in the book of Acts about church members selling their possessions so that no one in the church was in need. Our treasures in this world tarnish and crumble but our treasures in Heaven, placed at the feet of our King, Jesus, last forever. Rescuing a child in the church, from the daily darts of the devil and the warping of their minds to the destruction of their souls, is indeed a marvelous treasure.

The public schools are no longer a safe place for children. Anyone who has any concern at all for the souls of children should be willing to do all that is necessary to protect them from the demonic onslaught that they are daily subjected to.


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